Hollywood Boulevard

The walk of fame!

Wow, after parking we descend to street level through a parking plaza.
This is our angel, and she wants to see all the stars today!
Outside, at the Hollywood Boulevard.
It’s a very long street and its pavements are spreckled with stars.
They feature the name of the artist and the genre in which they are/were popular (Godzilla has been quite a movie star for decades now, lol).
And there he is, first selfie opportunity of the day with Mr. Depp.
People gathering in front of the Hard Rock Cafe and gift shop, there must be something going on inside.
Ready for that interview?
A whole family expedition into crowded street land.
After a mile it gets a bit more walkable and there are still some big stars on the floor.
A star crossing at Highland Ave.
Is it time to turn back?
Or rather have a chat over coffee with Ingrid Bergmann.
The party mile approaches.
Lots of little bars seam the street, and every 10 m there’s also a leftover party goer sleeping on the curb :(
We opt for party, Mike is in the same mood!
And then up come the theme guys, Marvel, Disney, all chars.
They’re very interested in our tips.
Posing with spidey.
We flee them the moment they were off of us.
Instead we go direct or own theatre.
It’s called “Are we going this or that way and when are we grabbing something to eat already?”
Ha, eatery coming up to the left.
Leia will always be with us.
No traffic, a rarely seen sight.
Also rare is this celeb with her fancy dress choices. But we get her to pose for us!
The walk of fame mural.
This is where the magic happens, all stars, old and young, are remembered.
And they got in their stage costumes for us, whoa!
Fred Astaire even let us sing along while swinging Ginger Rogers in circles.
Just another crossing and we”re back at the park plaza.
Now that’s a green car! Would love to own one of these.
It’s almost like a mini version of how we picture Vegas.
Plus all the cool stars.
Last picture… wait. Why are there some stars left blank?
Let’s make a business out of “your name here”!
And take over the world from there!
Yeah, and so it ends in Hollywood! Bail you out tomorrow, sweetie ;)


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