Santa Monica

A pier to remember.

The famous Santa Monica Municipal Pier, opened to the public Sept 9th 1909.
While originally built to satisfy the City’s sanitation needs, the Pier quickly became a magnet for the fishing community and fueled the imagination of many local entrepreneurs.
Hippodrome, roller coaster, carousel and dozens of food stalls followed.
Over a hundred years the pier has drawn performers and onlookers alike.
One more star on the sky of an ever growing entertainment firmament.
It still smells the same like salty wood, sizzling sausages and candy cotton.
Would the lines to the shower be the same as in 1909?
It’s also the place where Route 66 ends (the traditional end, because originally it ended it downtown LA but people always ventured to Santa Monica after arriving in the western US)
The late afternoon sun paints everything in a glossy, yellow tone. Really nice.
The sounds of bathers, waves, birds, the rattling of the wooden planks and the fair sounds mingle until they become one soothing song.
Still in the water at sunset.
But most people are already on the pier, looking either for fun, food or the right place to watch the sun go down.
The ferris wheel will be lit up later, it’s quite a show.
Most of the pier in one picture.
While the rest of Santa Monica prepares for the night.
And here it has just begun.
Saying goodbye to today.
Walking up to Ocean Ave parade.
From there the whole thing looks amazing in the dark backdrop.
Some stalls are packing up, some are selling (until everything’s gone?)
Start of the Venice electric light bike parade. Around 50 or so people with all kinds of flashing accessories start pushing their bikes when we push our stroller towards our car. Enough for today, let’s go to bed and dream a bit of the olden days on the pier.


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