Universal Studios

A mother-daughter adventure day ;)

What started out as studio tours to increase profits turned out as one of the most successful entertainment parks in the US.
Around 9 Million people a year (up to 2020) visit the park.
It presents a good mixture of golden classics and latest hits that makes it so likeable.
The love is in the detail.
We can just awe about all the creativity in recreating the Harry Potter Universe.
The stores are just like in the movies, even the ones that can be entered and sell basicly the same stuff they’re supposed to sell (not only merchandise).
Great display!
The snow!
The street!
We can’t stop admiring the craftmanship of the architects and the builders.
Next stop: Springfield *humming “The Simpsons’ theme*
The *real* lard lad!!!
The Ice Cream Parlor!
Krusty Land *fainting*
After 60 min waiting in line like good Simpson’s fans we are allowed on the ride which turns out to be the best we’ve ever had, all virtual reality roller coaster stuff, unreal.
Needed to finish that up with a …. Krusty Burger!
Next Stop: Universal Studio Tour
Also long line, but it moves fast and we get sprayed on with cold water mist.
We get to look behind the scenes of different movies, whole city backdrops.
And parts of sets, like this from Jurassic Park.
To be honest I can’t remember this from the films, but it has been a while…
We learn how rain is “made” in scenes and experience a live storm water flood.
This could be part of any Wild West film there ever was.
Most are really just house fronts and the inside scenes are filmed elsewhere.
The opera house.
The trolley, gently gliding from set to set.
Some of the names we’ve never heard before.
A tunnel set where suddenly an earthquake simulation brings down a whole truck which goes up in flames (technically a controlled pyrotechnic show but WOW it gets hot for a moment)
Arriving at Amity Ville (yaws lives there).
… and promptly goes up in flames as well. Seems like everything unwanted gets to burn here.
So much that the sprinkler goes off lol
Thought about checking in at the Bates Motel but the blue of the mask didn’t match the shirt so we didn’t.
Airplane crash site set – eerily real if you don’t look closely.
The studios.
Another angle.
The Transformers ride.
The line, through tunnels that are matching the storyline.
Started to rain in the meantime.
We flee into a Kung Fu Panda audience.
But now it’s even more raining.
A few rides later, it also gets dark, and with 6 pm approaching, we make our last rounds.
Everyone running between the drops.
Time flies, what’s your next ride?
Kids Zone.
The neon signs are illuminated now and everything has a magical touch.
Who could walk past these without craving them? I’m no such monster!
So we buy one!
Lights and magic!
And cool waves.
All the carbs and sugars we don’t need.
Fancy fairy light restaurant.
Good-bye picture. Until next time!


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