Santa Barbara

LA to San Francisco.

Leaving LA on the 101 North.
After a few long hours we first see the ocean.
It’s a little old charmed town named Santa Barbara.
Looks like all the rich have baches here ;)
The promenade is heavily frequented by walkers, joggers, bikers and four wheeled joyrides.
Main attraction is the pier.
Same view with mobile cam.
Buildings on the pier.
Looking back at the mountain ranges.
And then a pelican arrives.
… and joins their mates at roof of the pier restaurant.
Meanwhile, on the beach.
The walking party, always patiently waiting for their film crew.
Some romantic bike scenery.
Fancy flooring at the promenade.
Main road.
Fountain at the pier entrance.
Los Padres National Forest begins.
Some sights along the way: Entering bear country.
Resting area along Hwy 101.
At the hotel for the day.
Good times playing with our boy.
One minute he’s in good spirits…
… next he’s fast asleep. Good night :)


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