San Francisco

Driving around town with flowers in our hair.

Nearly there!
Some oil fields on the way.
Our car, inside the chrome wheel caps of a truck.
Descending onto SF.
At our house in Alameda, sun is setting fast now that fall has set in.
Walking the block where we live and enjoying inlet views.
Sunset trees.
Last light.
A new day, a new traffic jam.
All of these pics are shot with my mobile cam, most of them through the windshield, typical tourist ways ;)
Street view.
Another jam, plenty of time to hold the mobile phone out of the window.
On the way to Alameda.
San Francisco harbour from the Bay Bridge.
The SF-Oakland Harbor Bridge.
Back ‘home’.
Everytime we want to go to Downtown SF, we need to cross the bridge.
And it’s a beauty, almost like the Golden Gate, just white.
Fave bridge pic.
Here it is hidden behind the houses.
And the skyscrapers emerge.
A tramway at the piers.
Coit tower.
Just a steep street.
Love towers.
Waiting in line to cross the bay.
It’s bridge time again!
Traffic has loosened up, everyone is speeding home.
This little fella is a master in relaxation.
Impressions from street level.
How nice the houses are peeking through the trees at this crossing.
Some victorian house fronts.
And other gems.
Taking a break from city life in the Golden Gate Park.
At the Stow Lake.
Pedal boats are a sport here.
Rustic stone bridge across to the island in the lake.
Our new best friend!


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