Short stay on our way east.

Meeting a friend in the old Hayward centre.
Burgers and waffles are on the menu!
Digestive walk through town.
Random colorful shop.
Green market.
Hayward City Hall.
This tree was cold, so they knit it some … mittens?
Old mustard colored town house.
Musical power box.
Just A street.
This girl likes pizza, they didn’t dare to put a bottle in her other hand lol.
Memory lane.
There’s an actual Wiener Schnitzel place in Hayward. On a second look, they don’t sell Wiener Schnitzel at all, just burgers, fries and stuff like all the others.
And all the adventures while tending to this cutie. Feeding, changing, tummy time, stimulating muscles and movements … on the road.
Driving up to our AirBnB, haha is it A street again? They also have B, C and D streets there :)
Walking the Eden Landing Ecological Reserve.
A nature reserve in Hayward and Union City, California, on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay.
It comprises 5,040 acres of former industrial salt ponds now used as a low salinity waterbird habitat.
Some kid’s foot prints in the salt.
Salty close up.
An impressive amount of birds can be observed on the salt flats.
Remnants of old production facilities.
The salt walk. Staying in Hayward just for one night, heading to Yosemite next!


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