A scenic drive through a valley of granite cliffs.

Wawona Road, Tunnel View, in the afternoon.
The beautiful glowing Cathedral flats.
The mirror lakes were dried up completely, which was a surprise initially but on second thought of course excess water is seasonal here.
Stellar Jay dancing from tree to tree around us.
Feeding time with an audience.
And also this little one hopping around, collecting acorns.
The 2.307 m high El Capitan.
Autumn walking bliss.
At the Cathedral Beach.
Typical trash bin, big, heavy and has a clip.
Rangers say it’s more likely to get eye in eye with a mountain lion than a black bear but we didn’t see either, just a hand full birds and squirrels.
He’s eating a lot ;) Here at the Yosemite lodge.
Lucky one, carried around by his sister.
Someone has this as their phone lock screen now.
It smells all like warm needles, bark and rotting leaves, dry sand and coming winter.
Looking down into the valley.
Some of the weeds on the shoulders are just lovely.
The kids in front of an unbelievable scenery.
Big, fire scarred trees everywhere.
Half Dome from the mirror lakes.
Half Dome from El Portal Road.
El Capitan from Northside Drive.
The sun sets over Yosemite.


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