The second day in the valley. A short drive from our hotel on Wawona Road we roamed the park again.

A sign often seen in the park, but even though bears are an uncommon sight nowadays, if you encounter one, it’s probably a sudden appearance in front of your car.
Resting area on our daily walk.
Two very unfazed ravens eyeing our lunch.
El Capitan. Just off the road, this guy is pondering over his shot.
While this one needs a break from sightseeing.
Could stay here for a while.
The valley vanishes behind the hills, with Half Dome still visible.
The Three Brothers, with the left one being Eagle Peak.
El Capitan over the Merced River floor.


Yosemite Valley from Wawona Road, Tunnel View, this time a more realistic depiction with tourists and all ;)


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