Alabama Hills

A range of hills and rock formations near the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada in the Owens Valley.

Morning Walk:

The Movie Road, entering the Alabama Hills area.
Metamorphic rock (that changed form over time due to pressure or heat), unearthed by erosion.
Alabama Hills rocks, exposed surface areas were sculpted though spheroidal weathering.
Mount Whitney is the highest of several peaks along the steep escarpment
of the southern Sierra Nevada.
The natural Mobius rock arch in the middle of the loop walk.
Both sides are stunning!
Pink barrel cactus, like those.
Stay on the path, dear.
Heart arch, only visible from a certain angle.

Afternoon Walk:

The big arch.
The other side!
Afternoon sun.
Stuff growing on nothing but bare rock.
Looks brown and dry but will be back in spring.
Balancing rock.
Which way?
The Alabama Hills lie between the Owens Valley and Sierra fault zones.
Almost white looking dry weeds.
The Alabama Hills block represents a sliver of the earth’s crust that was neither uplifted with the Sierra Nevada block nor down dropped with the Owens Valley block.
Final stop, a shallow cavity that would be a perfect shelter.


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