Lone Pine

The town of Lone Pine is named after the lonely pine tree that was found at the mouth of Lone Pine Canyon. The town was founded during the 1860’s to provide supplies to the local gold and silver mining communities of Kearsarge, Cerro Gordo and Darwin, and later to farmers and ranchers. The pine tree has long since vanished, destroyed in flood.

Ahhh! Such a good night’s sleep. Out early for a morning walk.
We’re renting a cool house for 3 nights, lots of exploring opportunities here.
The long shadow selfie.
Crumbling granite still around.
High Sierra at it’s finest.
Venturing around the boulders.
Finding some cool arches, this is Lathe Arch, in the Alabama Mountains.
Climbing paradise.
Hide and seek would be a challenge for sure.
Baby is happy to be (anywhere with us)
Driving Whitney Portal Road.
Mount Whitney.
Movie Road (a favorite spot for alltime Western movies)
It stretches a long way.
Back in town.
Cute main road with lots of Western themed shops and bars.
The Bonanza Mexican Restaurant.
Donuts, espresso, flags and that red truck :)
Jake’s Saloon.
A clothing store that features Frosty, the horse. The old horse was used as a double in movies, such as Hopalong Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, and The White Stallion. “Frosty” has adorned the front of the store since about 1970.
The Southern Inyo Museum.
Motel with Sierra view.
The Totem Cafe.
The neon strip.
The iconic sign on the local supermarket.
Sun sets directly over Mt Whitney.


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