Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas, noun. A desert city in Nevada, USA, known for its large hotels, extravagant entertainment and dining, and gambling. Synonyms: Sin City, Vegas, The Strip.
Waking up to this view!
Preparing for a stroll on the strip, lucky for us there are a few hotels that offer free parking.
Welcome to fabulous Vegas!
Which is not bad for the hotels, because we looked at everything they offered, twice.
The interior is nicely coordinated with the bar themes.
We feel like in a city within a hotel, it seems that people in the casino would find everything they desire here, no need to go outside :P
To go with the hotel theme, there are indoor pools where you can book a gondola ride (and the guy even sings).
All Venice on a rainy night.
We run from the glitter globe to see what the real Vegas is like.
And it’s still Venice!
All the Venice sights in one place :)
The pizza we had at the hotel is wearing off, one quarter of the group is trailing into this sugar trap.
Everything candy!
Of course we take some o.O
Watermelon sugar high!
The next floor is just for chocolates.
With a bar that serves the waiting parents cocktails.
Back on the street.
The Flamingo.
Second lunch anyone?
Stumbling into Paris.
The street side of the strip is also interesting.
Architects really did well bringing all this to life.
At some point we need to cross a big intersection. The lack of access for strollers or wheelchairs is astonishing. Broken elevators, stairs everywhere…
We figure it out and stop over in the Bellagio oasis.
Good to have some green on the strip.
Still on the strip.
The frequency of advertising flying through our views is unbelievable, cars, trucks, people, even pets and thin fenceposts become add spaces, not counting all the neon.
It screams, sings and whispers in your ears the whole time (pretty much like a siren that lures you).
OK, we give in and enter one of the temples. It’s gaming night everlasting.
Not for us lol. But good to be reminded of it.
Just a street.
We stroll along.
We walk far but the sidewalk never gets empty.
Stilting advertising, but you can also take a picture with them.
All pink fame.
Reentering our parking garage. Well, almost.
Heading back for an afternoon nap, will be back later tonight.
This time it’s a girls only venture.
We have parked on the southern part of the strip and enter the New York area, aiming for THE roller coaster.
The path leads us through the underworld.
Here the coaster flies into the garage over downtown New York.
Wandering the streets of NY city.
We did it! 5 of the best and worst minutes of our lives lol, the loop was the ultimate highlight!
The walk back to the car is uneventful but we soak in the warm air and inhale the spirit of the city.
The Excalibur Hotel with the Disney Towers.
This is where everybody gets their long necked iced alcoholic bevereages to go.
It’s almost midnight and we leave before we turn into pumpkins.
Good night New York, someday we’ll come for you for real.
One more look back.
Neon supernova.


Bye Vegas, you were great!


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