Opal Beach

This gem is located in the Santa Rosa Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore in Florida. Highway 399 is a public highway that runs down the middle of the island, even though it passes through National Park Service property – the speed limit is 15 mph at times and you’re not allowed to park on shoulders anywhere, just designated parking areas, where you are supposed to pay the entrance fee in an envelope.

Our footprints on the otherwise untouched sand, not many tourists around this time of the year.
Beach greens.
Sanderling, sifting through the sand.
It’s named Florida’s Emerald Coast for its clear, emerald-green water, but this part of Florida’s upper Gulf shoreline could just as well be called the “Sugar Coast” for its soft, sugar-white sands.
The beach with some high Pensacola towers in the distance.
Capturing a perfect moment.



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