A freezing Morning

Streets, farmland, forests and small settlements, all hoarfrosted – between Seeham and Michaelbeuern, the shortcut through the Trumer Lakes area.

Somewhere on the Berndorfer Landesstrasse.
Looking down to Seeham from Kaelberpoint.
Obertrumersee from Kaelberpoint.
Marterl on the Berndorfer Landesstrasse at Aigen.
Smooth frosted hills.
Nearing Berndorf.
Berndorf downtown.
Marterl at the end of Berndorf.
Jaegerstand just before Feichten.
Dorfbeuern from Aussichtspunkt Feichten. No more snow down there, but it’s just the start of winter and we’re looking forward to seeing much more of the white stuff in the coming month ;)


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