The Gaisberg is, at 1,288 meters above sea level, a mountain to the east of Salzburg, Austria. It belongs to Salzkammergut Mountains, a range of the Northern Limestone Alps. One of our favorite places to escape the busy city.

Die Gaisberg Strasse auf Hoehe Gersberg Alm, mit Rauhreif.
Gersberg Kunst.
Aussichtspunkt Gaisbergspitze mit eisig verkrustetem Schnee, ein Klassiker.
The telescopes at the vista point.
One minute we make a boy’s shot, …
… next we get a warm welcome call, saves us from the cold air.
Der Sender am Gaisberg, ein beliebtes Fotomotiv. Walking our own past tracks up to the transmitter. Not many people here today – and we will be back too!


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