Good Morning Austria!

After 3 months in Hawaii and 2 more on our US roadtrip and with the pandemic border situation back in NZ not resolved yet, we’re paying a visit to our old stomping grounds and enjoy a big family reunion!

First morning light blows over Schafberg.
Taking in the snow covered Seepromenade at Mondsee.
Basilika St. Michael, it’s so good to see the traditional architecture again.
Memorial at the north side of the St. Michael’s Basilika, to all the fallen and missed in both world wars.
The basilica from up the Hilfberg Road.
While it didn’t snow in America when we where there, this is actually snow. Deep, cold, fluffy, the real stuff. We’re over the moon :)
During summer time these jetties allow for tourists to rent small boats per hour.
The empty promenade, we spent lots of time here when the kids were younger.
Hilfbergkirche “Wallfahrtskirche zur Maria Hilf”, interesting history surrounds this place.
The pilgramige church Mariahilf was originally called Ulrichs chapel, which was renovated in 1449 in the gothic stile by abbot Simon Reuchlin.
The spanish war and it slowly creeping up on the Mondseeland (1702) made the abbot Amadeus Göbl pray to the holy Mary. After the end of the war he Held his promise and built the pilgrimage church Mariahilf in Mondsee. In 1706 he renovated the original church in the baroque stile and hired Meinrad Guggenbichler to built the alter. The two pulpits are also from Meinrad Guggenbichler.
Because of the chapels Close proximity to the Highway it got the Name “Mariahilf at the Freeway”
In may of the year 1994 another alter was built, designed for free by the architect Mr Schuh. The Brothers Mayerhofer from Salzburg built the altar. The chapel went under big renovation from 2005 until 2006.
The two Mondsee churches pictured on a board at entrance.
Enjoying a moment of silence.


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