6 Months!

Today we’re celebrating half a year with our little boy, eating half a birthday cake with half a marzipan candle, singing Happy Birthday half way through, lol.

I got half a birthday cake!
With half a marzipan candle (and a bunch of real ones)
And a dummy on the cake
I’m having fun with my sis
Look at my Hawaii outfit! Where’s Summer, though?
I’m finally starting to enjoy tummy time
I like chewing on my fingers
And on the 6-months sign
They won’t let me have pizza
So I’ll grow a tooth to join them soon!
Wanna sing some karaoke with me?
I somehow look like a miniature buddhist monk, don’t I?
This month I went to the doctor to get my vaccines
So I’ll stay happy and healthy
Still enjoying many naps during the day
See you later