Wenger Moor

The 3 km long themed trail leads over well-developed farm roads and gives us more insight in the bog-life.

Before we reach the nature reserve, the little town of Weng wants to be discovered.
The Leonhardi pilgrimage church in Weng stands on a small hill in the middle of the village of Weng. The core of the church is Gothic and was given its present form through the baroque renovation in the 18th century.
Some very old houses flank the only trhough street there.
The few farms, houses and gardens are quiet, maybe everyone is at the lunch table.
We find a wide variety of biotopes such as high, low and transitional mosses as well as stray and wet pastures and small streams.
The thin ice crust reminds me of mosaic.
Further and further we go, until the street becomes a path and what remains turns to bog.


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