Nelson Boulder Bank

This natural feature shows a range of interesting characteristics of marine beaches of this sort, including:

  • Storm ridges, where coarse gravels accrete during storm or spring tide events.
  • Size and shape sorting of the gravels in the direction of long-shore drift.
  • Presence of huge boulders, up to 2 m, which seem to be lag deposits from an older (now undersea) fore shore bank.
Impatiently nudging the babypack knowing he’s in for a formidable elephant ride.
Off we go! A few settlements indicate there hasn’t been a big storm lately.
And suddenly the dark rocks spread their wings and fly off.
Lunch break at the dinosaur tree.
Papa eats paté and his little boy wants to have a bite, too.
Oxalis stricta in a very unwelcoming environment, but it does great.
Thought we could make it to the lighthouse, but one way is around 8 km, no way. Ideally, we would go by kayak or dinghi, if transport of that is available on an hourly basis… we’ll see.


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