A Good Mixture

Going through some of the past weeks by picking out a few events and crazy moments :)

Midwinter, it has still not been very cold, but rained a lot, leaving us to foggy pastel coloured mornings.
Once again, more clouds.
But the sun broke through soon enough and it turned out to be a fine day.
Walking the beach at Kina.
Pompom giggles.
Walking back from Baignets Recreational Reserve.
The Motueka valley in winter.
Ah, yes, the toes! He has grown considerably and this jumper will be comfy without feet from now on :)
Mum’s a funny one.
Every now and then she has to go outside though, tending to the animals, doing Mum stuff, but there’s always time for a quick wave!
Time flies! Another Sunrise.
In winter they are often very red, marvellous.
Walking along the Motueka quai down to the saltwater baths and beyond.
The houses were built away from the beach and with no street in between, it’s a nice walking track.
The water is almost flat, with just the faintest ripples.
Well, I forgot where we met this guy.
Abutilon megapotamicum, flowering at the moment, this would be nice to have in the garden.
The connecting walk between Rec Centre and Thorp’s Bush.
What else is new? This girl got her learner’s license (and a free water bottle) and is now roaming the streets.
After a few hours in Motueka we even dare to drive to Nelson for a girl’s day out.
Sunset afterglow.
The real show is more to the west, giant fiery clouds roll over the Kahurangi.
And the next day, rain and fog are on again.
Only in the late afternoon it clears up a bit.
On the third day, the damp land can breathe again.


Wattles in bloom at Mariri.
Te Mamaku Drive down the Redwood Hills.
The Waimea Inlet with parts of Best and Rabbit Island.
Driving past Haulashore Island, the harbour inlet and the Boulder Bank Lighthouse.
Nelson State Cinema at Halifax Street.
What looks like a very blue sunrise is actually a quick car wash.
On the way back these bikers cross our path.
Rolling hills of the Tasman.
Far views from Te Mamaku Drive.
Rowling Loop at the Moutere Inlet.
Another small intlet in the inlet.
And *schwupp* the day is over again.
The little one is not so small anymore. His little antennas can swing over objects that are too high for his eyes and remove any food or other stuff that would be worth munching on.
What will he be when he’s grown up? A question that popps up when a kid advances so much in their first years. At the moment, he’s Mama’s mannequin for repurposed old jumper-trousers.
A nun? Nah.
A chef? Would make sense.
A truckie? Maybe.
A playful character, whatever job he choses? Probably!
He just loves teasing Dad by biting his toes :D
And Dad loves to have him close, reading his new book (in Austrian dialect) to him.



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