1 Year!

Wow, has it really been a whole year since we welcomed you into our family, little man? Impossible!

It feels like it was just yesterday when we held this cute, little and fragile bundle in our arms for the very first time. So many things have happened since. From simply staring at the ceiling fans all day to running around in the house with very clearly communicated intentions. We recorded the following milestones:

  • By 3 weeks you could raise and hold your head steady.
  • By 4 weeks you rewarded us with your first smile.
  • By 6 weeks we somehow managed to accomplish the first potty poop, but we gave up on that soon after.
  • By 3 months you slept through the night, for 5 days in a row. Yay!
  • By 5 months you enjoyed the first spoon of carrots.
  • By 6 months you grew your first tooth (and now there are already 8 of them).
  • By 7 months you finally stopped spitting up milk all over the couch after each feeding.
  • By 10 months you started walking without support, after skipping the crawling stage almost entirely.
  • By 12 months you finally had your first very own black forest cake. :)


We have circled the whole world, starting in tropical Hawaii, then crossing the entirety of the United States from West to East Coast with some extra loops, and visiting family in good old Austria before flying back home to New Zealand. Endlessly many beautiful moments of bottle feeding, changing diapers, bathing, putting on tiny clothes, playing, cuddling and falling asleep together.

The baby tracker app says we have fed you almost 300 liters of milk and changed at least 1650 diapers in the past year!

We feel very blessed having you around. You never got sick and you developed a solid sleeping pattern very early on, for which we are incredibly grateful. We love your always cheerful vibes when your sisters play with you.

We’re excited for the years to come!

Excitement! Coming back from the nap into a decorated room and everybody is so bubbly, something’s going on!
Soon after the reason is disclosed: The arrival of the cake :) Homemade, delicious, sweet cherryness!
The day after: Finishing the cake for good :D
And then there’s that colourful wrapped thing, quite heavy I might say. This needs to be inspected closely…
turns out to be a pull along train, geez that’s cute!
The blue plush bear is from your big sis!
To top the sugar high and presents I’m also allowed to dig into the “old stuffed animal bag” and choose some new companions. What a day!!!