August in Pictures

Happy 1 year 1 month / 13 months / 56,4882 weeks! Not sure if we should keep up the milestone posts every month but maybe turn them into general “see what happened” (even if it wasn’t too much) posts!

First of all, it was a rainy winter! It was very wet, already in July, with many slips closing some important roads around Motueka and Nelson.
Trips to school would almost have required a boat.
And the Valley Highway was closed just a few kilometres past our drive!
Mot river in a “no mercy” mood.
A few hours of sunshine in between, but the weather forecast is dire.
We spend a lot of time inside and the most random things become cool toys.
Leading: Any kind of box or bucket.
Watching the guineas do their thing.
Followed by the wooden toys, the little trucks, cars, loader and gifted ball track.
Time on the couch is also cherished, just be aware that this little guy will steal your phone if he can get to it.
13 months and such a character :) From “da da da” to pointing at persons and things he wants to interact with, very cool.
Also super handsome with Mum’s fruit cap.
And later that day we watched the German retro show “Nils Holgerson”, he probably didn’t understand what was going on and his trucks were more important at some point, but enjoyable for Mum and Dad for sure!
Enough is enough! As soon as the first dry spell rolls over the Tasman, we’re good to go!
It took some time for the foreshore to loose that mud colour.
Magnolias in full bloom, seems like we’ll got to see spring after all!
A random whale at the quai playground.
Kina beach reserve is very walkable, full of treasures too.
Detour to Mapua.
Great vessels moored there.
Jesus! Hope the artist was aware it’s not.
With all the returning outdoorsyness this kid also gets its hooves.
He already loves shoes, carrying around Mum’s garden crocks is his favourite pastime.
Now he’s got some of his own, yeah. Congrats, little guy.
Time for a recollection of the latest faces he’s doing. Best one: Coming so close that the only option left is cuddle him lol
The want-look. Pointing with raised eyebrows and some mumbled word-like sounds means: This! (Want, have, eat, pick me up, etc)
The smug grin. Ha, this can mean many things, probably doesn’t do it consciously.
Disappointment. Lucky for us, it doesn’t take long until he’s back in his good spirits.
Late August: Walking Motueka.
Look at that rhododendron plant towering over that little white house next to it.
Now that he has shoes, walking is a thing of the past. Running is on!
Running through Nelson.
That’s a graffiti I like.
Entering Queen’s Garden’s.
Out at Wharf Road, Riwaka.
Tide is low, but even more interesting to look at all the sunken jetties.
Walking down Green Tree Road on the other side of the estuary.
Some nice spring boats there.
Kayaks at the Riuwaka River.
Strolling in Nelson. Looking at the baby, that’s what’s happening when we don’t pay close attention, the hat turns from head movements until he looks like a warrior with a knitted nasal combat helmet. And he doesn’t tell! Just trying to sleep, probably :D
The lovely one, sitting in my lap, waiting in a secure location for the vaccuum robot to finish.
Bath time. Every now and then, a clean is necessary, but it’s also a welcomed opportunity to soak with his toys.
A fresh man!
Clearly somebody missed a spot when cleaning the table ;)
After-meal bliss.
Yet another day is starting. Almost done with August, drifting into September speedily.
The river is good again, with some early whitebaiters trying their luck.
Old factory building of some kind at Main Road, Riwaka.
When we decide to go for a walk (or generally when he wants to leave the house) he brings his bear suit. Yes, needs help to dress, but isn’t he adorable? Aw.
Following his need to go out, we drove to Kaiteriteri, where some of us have the pleasure to swing at the beach.
The winter fogs will soon be over.
The first hand raised spring lambs are already out there! Guests at a friend’s lifestyle block where these things are taken care of with love.
And they have a whole fleet of boy sized toy cars, trucks, trailers …
Just beautiful in the Moutere hills.
These guys are happy now.
Another day, another site: Motueka at the golf course.
This one was short but exhausting. Everybody falls asleep on the couch.
Enjoying the local daisy lawns.
Wattles are in bloom as well.
Family lunch at a nelsonian pizzeria.
Entrance is through the local state cinema, held in eye popping 60′ design.
Out at Rutherford Park, Nelson.
Posing for Dad.
These two are unstoppable!
What? Was that all? Already done with photos?
OK! Let’s go then!



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