Kaiteriteri Lookout

Withells Lookout Loop Walk. Around the inlet on Martin Farm Road and entering the bush walk to the right just before the Bethany Park Campground, leads up up up and around until you find the uneven bench where wanderers, locals and campers can sit and enjoy the old same but beautiful Kaiteri view.

Ready to be carried away!
The bush is quiet with the occasional buzzing of a bumble bee.
Young fern trees get touchy and in return inspected by baby fingers. The damp mossy fauna eminates a musty, woody fragrance that is very common in NZ where winters don’t get freezing cold.
Evading trees twerking style and the little passenger looking quite concerned. No need! All good! :D
Kaiteri from the lookout. Evertime a stunner.
Back down in the recreation area, there’s a kid’s playground, not very eco, but an interesting walk through.
Play on, little bear!


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