Stephens Bay to Kaiteri

This 2.5 km hike is a lovely up and down along the coast, there are several access/exit points and an ice cream opportunity at the end!

The path starts where Cook Crescent springs from Stephen’s Bay Road, next to the public toilet. It follows the beach a little while and disappears in the bush, gaining elevation until it reaches the ridge from where you can spot Dummy Bay.
Dummy Bay, with its own arch on the northern entrance, the fragment of a collapsing sea cave.
Foxglove riddles the steep cliff.
Lucky me, these guys waited for me while I was standing hip deep in the bush looking for the right angle.
Hiking up to Talisman Heights.
Looking down to Torlesse Rock from the viewing platform.
The guys at Aileen’s bench.
Little Kaiteri is within grasp!
The trained baby carriers walk on until they reach Kaiteriteri, the touristy of the twin beaches.
Welcome from the curious seagulls.
Our slice of paradise. A quick rest. Then back the way we came ;)


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)