Happy Birthday!

How has another year passed so fast? It seems like we just sat down for a roast in Carlsbad, New Mexico and now we’re back for a kiwi beach bbq!

Rabbit Island beach time.
Meanwhile, at the grill station.
Extreme kitchen skills on display!
Selfie, the hard way :)
Enjoying Dad’s birthday lunch.
Enjoying the beach!
After a few rolls in the warm water, he’s wave proof.
I can see this one as a surfing legend ;)
But for now he’s focusing on his stone long throw.
Perfect day!
Later, at home, when the prosecco bottle cork shoots out with a hurray leaving a memorable imprint in the ceiling (and our eardrums).
Positioning for the bday photo, but the little boy points out that the candle still needs to be lit.
So we do that, too!
A moment of reflecting …
followed by explaining how the tradition works. Before we get to eat the cake, the candle has to be blown out (by the birthday child).
Well done! Make a wish!
May the years go easy on you,
keep your humor,
develop your lego tech skills!
Hip hip hurray!!!


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)