16 Months :)

Whats up? A short recollection of last month’s events, baby focused!

In November, Nelson was hosting a classic car walk through on Hardy Street. The weather held nicely, despite the forecast saying otherwise.
Vintage Ford Ranchero from 1957 in flashy colours!
Eyecandy, even on the inside.
The indoors of a ~1970 Bedford Beagle, very homely. The roof lifts up and uncovers  a camping bed with tent on top. Last century glamping!
Don’t ask me what build this is, we got drawn by the red seats like the moths to the light.
Ultra blue Ford Mustang and a Ford Deluxe Convertible, likely from the 1930s.
Cadillac Coupes and Hardtops from the 1960s, so much more than just cars!
Back at home: Gave away some of our sheep and are down to 2 now. Too much grass for them to clear! So Mum’s gonna help with the mower to help get rid of the (someplace shoulder height seed risps) to make the lush understory grass more available to their tender snouts.
This tender nose can already sniff the yummy meat on the grill! The season is opened!
The other weekend at Tahunanui, exploring the walkways and beaches there. Very nice and … sandy.
Smile, guys!
Next thing he was off, confidently walking the beach path.
A street corner in residential Motueka, like a picture.
What else is to tell? He’s grown to 80 cm by now, has 12 kg and refuses to say a coherent word :)
Understands a lot, but won’t even say Mama or Papa if asked nicely or bribed with chocy nibbles.
Loves to hangout with his sisters, is glued to Dad when he’s around and else is a super active little boy.
Helped Mum fix a few bodies and beautify them.
Themes vary.
The Captain Cook chamaeleon from Hawaii. Lost it’s colour completely and was freshly repainted.
As long they’re little, give them roots. When they’re grown up, give them wings. – Solange sie klein sind, gib ihnen Wurzeln. Wenn sie groß sind, schenk’ ihnen Flügel. Eine Leitlinie, die wir in der Verganenheit versucht haben, mit übertragener Verantwortung und Humor umzusetzen. Manchmal ging’s gut, oft ist eine helfende Hand immer noch gut.
And today? The same is still true, but this one needs more activity and also plenty of rest.
Still having his after lunch nap where we lay down on the big bed, where he drifts off and is later taken to his own, safe bed.
When we miss the mid day nap or it gets substituted by a quick 30 min car nap, the afternoon’s crazy!
So we opt for sleepy time!
Plus we get a ton of cute sleepy pictures!
Adorable, isn’t he :)
Also a last month-development is the change in feeding habits. Slimmed down from 4 to 3 milkies in September, but he’s more and more eating what is served on the table and will skip the 3rd soon.
And when it gets empty enough to need a raise for milk to flow, he takes it over! Finally he holds his own meal.
Also tall enough to overlook the table and everything that’s on it. Can grab lots of those things too.
Views into the Kahurangi from a friend’s place in the Moutere.
The favourite slide next to the the Motueka quai/saltwater baths parking.
Adventures at Kina Beach.
A storm brewing in the Tasman bay.
A storm on our deck! The boys are cleaning the house.
First the cladding, then the floor. What would we do without our little baby helper!
He’s very much into tools, bits and parts, the longer the better ;)
Raking the driveway, awww!
Holding off the sandflies from our helper’s backside. Thank you!
Preparing the whirlpool tub.
C and friends, sharing a tub.
What’s that sound? What are you taking from the fridge?? Something for me???
Not from the fridge, this little guy in leather trousers. Freshly made baking artistry.
Watching TV, ballerina mode.
TV was boring, kuddling and giggles on the couch are on!
Hairdressing Papa style.
Motueka Beach walk. The odd blue bach.
Janie Seddon, or what’s left of her.
Playground fun.
Sliding from the top!
Swings are overrated.
Channel to the Motueka harbour, morning fishers returning.
Ohhhh, stones!
Fave job: Picking stones up and depositing them somewhere else.
Same with shoes (at this point when I want to go out and find only on of a pair, there’s despair!).

The one day a year when there’s terraforming at Kaiteriteri Beach.

Sand is pulled out of the estuary stream and used to fill up the steep beach, looks much better now, guys, thank you!
Heavy machinery!
The part of the beach north of the boat ramp (not touched by excavators).
Angel face on the old skate board. Next thing he jumps on and drives off! o.O
Nah, Mama, would never! Much more comfy and cared for here with you guys!
And this was how this month turned spring into summer and a big baby into a full fledged toddler! Happy 16 months, little C.


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