Tasman cruising

Spending the very quiet Christmas Morning (25.12.) to drive around the Tasman and stop by The Gardens of the World and the famous Spooners Railway Tunnel.

Touring the world in 6 acres of mature garden landscapes.
There are different sections, from the function lawns, the ponds and the herbarium, rose garden to the international sections that encompass plants for all over the world.
Recreating that “throwing the baby” image.
Having a good time at the picnic area.
Herb garden with monolithe.
Sandersonia aurantiaca, flowering now!
Such a cool plant.
Elephant pond bridge.
Pointing at a duck (just right behind that bush, probably)
Zantedeschia Aethiopica, a beautiful calla lily.
Almost as tall as Dad!
Watching birds at the pond.
Flower display.
Hi and bye, Gardens of the World :)
Cheating the anti-car barrier. We’re just a tiny baby car.
The Spooners tunnel is a significant feature of railway history and engineering. It is unique in being the longest disused rail tunnel in NZ, at 1,35 km long. It is considered to be of high historic significance at a regional level and is a fine example of the construcion methods and materials used in that era.
Walking the Golden Downs Forest.
St Georges Anglican Church at Quinnes Bush.
The yard with some old and new graves is free to enter.
Looking through the side window.
Stained glass and reflections. 



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