17 months

On the 6th of January it’s been 17 months since you were born. Unbelievable, it feels like yesterday! During the last weeks, you learned lots of new things, like opening and closing doors, talking (first word is “Schuh”), reacting more on specific commands, walking long distances now. The only thing that’s not new is that you are still such a cute and loveable character and everybody loves you soooo much!

It has rained a lot last month, let’s start with two pictures of puddle fun!
Loves reflections!
Day out in Nelson, here a glance to the left, with heavy clouds over the Kahurangi.
Nelson, Trafalgar Street, playing in the pedestrian zone.
While elswhere brews a stormy weather.
In the Waimea plains.
Outing to the Deck’s Reserve playground.
More clouds, vinyards and lonely electric poles… not a lot going on in the Tasman.
Mum and son while attending to the garden.
Same day, different means of transportation ;)
Little guy, walking confidently out of the office.
Wettest early summer in years, little C. thinks this is great! (The garden does, too!)
Speaking of! Everything grows prolifically, maybe because we water it so well :)
Even the banana tree is still going strong.
Time for a bit of tlc. After cleaning the roof, we also took care of the walls and now the deck.
Our toddler is unimpressed and prefers to be dragged around on a towel.
And once daily, he walks down to the sheep and feeds them some fruit and sheep nuts. Thank you!


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