My dear boy! Time flies! We can only stand by your side, do Mum and Dad stuff and watch you grow, learn, bloom.

The things you can do:

You point to things you want, and when we’re not willing to provide
you go and try to get them by yourself! :)
Also, you’re such a great kitchen helper!
Couldn’t imagine emptying the dishwasher without you!
Every day, you eat your banana, sometimes two, just love them, perfect fingerfood.
You are already a baby captain on a big ship, aeh, in a museum, but still!
You sing your little pink giraffe to sleep. Soo cute.

The places you go:

Isel Park, Stoke

One of the older parks in the region, with a lot of different plants, lovely for garden lovers and young families alike.
Isel house, a great short walk.
And the raised flower bed has the most interesting river stone wall.
Lucky for us, we were there just for a kid’s fair, including volunteer shows like this fire truck you kept staring at.
Lots of people, as far as you can see.
Fire truck wins!
Old trees look down on us.
Some paths are just broad enough for the stroller.
And some trees are ginormous.

Tahunanui and Nelson:

Day off in Nelson. On the way there we like to stop at the beach and adjacent playground.
You stood there for minutes. Wondering what was going on in your little head watching that other kid flying over the ramp.
Climbing the blue whale, well done!
Fancy playground near the Nelson Library.
These ramps are not for babies, but our toddler wants to be a car when he’s grown up anyways.
A cute pair! :)
Lots of walls to walk on.

Motueka Quai Walk:

You like blue whales, big and small.
The playground in Mot is quite nicely equipped but you still hesitate to climb through the barrel.
Pohutukawa was in bloom earlier this month, a sight to behold.
The Saltwater Baths, swimming and jumping even when the tide is out.
Dad is holding the trees in place while the kiddo is running towards the playground.
Fun and games with the gummi whale.
And when it’s time to leave, you can be heavy as a stone, glued to the ground!
Papa steps in and transforms you in a jet plane that flies up and down, left and right, in the general direction of where our car parks (and Mama runs after you guys packed with stuff and stroller lol) :D
The Janie Seddon flying by.
Pohutukawa bloom

At home:

The ridge road to the Southeast, where the evening sun touches the Moutere.
Fays sheep on our walk down the hill.
Some are really curious!
The boys.
Back home, the back of our car has to be inspected, especially the spare tyre.
We never have spiderwebs down there!
And our floor is always clean from running, rolling and dancing…
Time for dinner? You’re hangry already!
Mhhhh! A special meal with cheese, bread and french pâtés.
Good to be with your sisters from time to time, they love to be with you, too.
Stop making photos Mama! Or maybe you wanted to help?
This is how these pictures come to life :)
Lunchtime nap.
Usually a time for rest, not only for you, also for Mama. And when you’re up again, the world resumes its spin.
Happy baby :)
Two sweetteeth.
Did I mention the dancing? :D
Holding your bottle is not enough, you need your hands free for grabbing stuff. Yes, you managed to chew off the first nipple.
And you do explore, every day more.
And you rest, that’s a good balance.
Mini magnetic alphabet, a great distraction at our friend’s place.
And small figurines that can sit on a wooden rainbow, ooooh.
This locally grown fruit is the apple of our eye! Happy 18 months, stay so cute and curious, little C.


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