28 °C and we’re off to the beach!

Walking up Torlesse Drive and sitting on the picnic rocks.
Down at the Kaiteri playground. Borrowing other kids’ toys for a quick round.
Stroll on the main beach.
Then taking a sharp turn to the right, into the inlet, where the water is super warm and shallow.
Water fun, baby style.
Wading through the knee deep wetness, for adults, this would be a lie-flat-on-the-belly-bath to get wet properly ;)
Looking around and enjoying the late afternoon hours.
Building a sand tower.
They’re opening a construction – demolition business.
After all that sand, we need to get more salt on this little body!
Swinging left, right, splishy, splashy, getting wetty.
Gladly being carried to the car, a shower and a good meal will follow shortly :D


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