Finding a school

There are 10 Rudolf-Steiner schools in NZ, so it should be possible to get a place for our kids we thought. Sent an inquiry to Christchurch – several years waiting list. Sent another one to Auckland – also waiting list. OK, this is gonna be a challenge. Hastings – full. Lower Hutt – waiting list. Tauranga – waiting list but endeavours to keep a place for international students. Motueka – class 2 is full, but one student has left during holidays! A tiny chance!! Exciting!

Waiting for a reply, if the new teacher of the class is comfortable with an international student. 6 weeks later: YES!

Anny can join class 2/3 in the middle of the school year since the terms are shifted half a year compared to Austria. Verena will attend the kindergarten for six months and then start with class 1 in February 2013.

Note: School fees for international students are quite high in NZ.