Need a house

Motueka isn’t a really big city. With its 5000 people it’s almost the same size of our home town Thalgau. The offerings on the house rental market are limited – found only 13 on Most of them not furnished which means a lot of hassle to buy stuff and then sell after a year. A bit disappointing and complicated.

New idea: Why not rent a holiday house for that year? They’re furnished and some of the landlords might be interested to fill the house for a long period to simplify administration.

Sent about 25 inquiries to owners of properties that looked interesting and found one nice house in town that fits our needs and budget and  is available for the whole year without interruption. :)


Landlords in NZ are VERY helpful, polite and talkative, even if it is an already lost deal. I’m afraid people from foreign countries are not that welcome in Austria in general.

It seems that everyone is connected with everyone in Motueka somehow. Funny. Got several invitations to come over for a beer when we’re there. :)