Telling everyone

Telling me …  Yes, it was Christian’s idea. But he had to put no effort in persuading me because it was no surprise, everything we are and how we live our life has been pointing to this decision: Always taking chances, not being wrecked by tiresome everyday life, looking for challenges.

Telling the Kids … It was a talk with the school’s secretary in February when Anna listened curiously and just staring at me afterwards. On our way back home from school I had the opportunity to explain myself, tell her about our dream and how we were struggling to make it real. She was very understanding and indeed happy about the fact that she would be able to see the sea every day, but also sad about leaving all her friends behind. Verena was quite indifferent, maybe on the happy side, you never know with kids this age.

Telling the Family… It was still in February when we told parents and siblings about our plans and there was a faint sign of shock, I admit. Fortunately, it has turned to sympathy even with a slight dash of enthusiasm.

Telling the Friends … Our couchsurfing friends were excited and courious about the details of the trip, the location, the climate etc … looking forward to having some couchsurfing meetings in NZ, too  ;)

Telling the Boss …  Due to a three month’s period of notice I had to disclose our plans in March. As I have always been very fond of my day’s work and enjoyed being a busy mom it makes me kind of sad that I had to quit (instead of picking one of various other chances to enable a prolonged absence).


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