Cape Palliser

The Wairarapa district is an area full of wonders, it especially reminds us of Iceland with its treeless hills that fall smoothly into the see, green and black dunes with occasional flowering, little housing in other than the “bigger” communities around, like the little fishing village Ngawi. The narrow but good street bends around the cliffs softly until it reaches the southernmost point, the cape. But the real adventure here is yet to start, and it’s 250 steps and some deep breaths of air high – the famous lighthouse is worth the struggle though. After a knee-shaking climb back down we met some old friends bathing in the sun at the beach :)

On our way back we stopped at a beach for a walk, a sandcastle and shell seeking and found all that and a massive blowhole. Hungry as we were we had lunch at Ngawi where we almost fell prey to a big black dog which clearly couldn’t read (dogs were not allowed in that picknick area). Luckily, we go away with all limbs, the food and a nice family foto.

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