After that very basic Te Araroa Camp we decided to have something special at Whakatane: One of the highest ranked Motels (on trip advisor)  around, modernised, two bedrooms, spa and all. Which ended … like it always does with high expectations. To begin with, I couldn’t get the heatpump running, then there were two very wet kids (out of the bathtubs) and no bathing towels to be found. Finally, when I opened the door to the shower cabin, it litterally jumped into my arms (which is a no-go when you’re cold, naked and have one hand stuffed with shampoo and co). Got another room (with other bugs, but we were just tired and didn’t want to think anymore about any of it). New day, new luck – with a breakfast at the harbour, a tyre-date for our car and a stroll along the nice Whakatane shopping mile.

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