Auckland was overwhelming. All the cars, houses, grey asphalt covered streets, people everywhere, a big range of sounds of different annoyment grades. Almost lost sight of what it means to be part of it. Leaving Auckland was a quick decision, maybe too quick … left our toilet bag in the hotel bathroom and didn’t notice it until Warkworth. Bugger! Usually I love driving after a good night’s sleep but two more hours just to get what we never should have forgotten in the first place. After tht shock we started the day anew and headed north, next stop: Sheepworld (at Warkworth). They do sheep shearing and shepheard dog shows, eel feeding, have a pet zoo, a very big shop and a café that sells warm lunch (what else does one need). The show was great, we got a feeling for what it means to work with dogs, what exactly their job is and saw them in action. Amazing!

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~ No animals were harmed. ~


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