A fence for our land

The existing fence around our little piece of land was only suitable for cows – but we want to have sheep. OK, let’s make a proper sheep netting fence then. Asked for a quote at the local fencing professional… Whoa, that’s gonna be expensive!

$20 per meter doesn’t sound much, but if you have 320m boundary fence to the road and neighbor side to build and another 200m of bad maintained old wire fence that needs a batten upgrade, it really sums up!

Smallholder lesson #1: You don’t keep animals for saving any money. It’s always an expensive hobby.

In addition to the strong perimeter fence we decided to get a mobile solar powered temporary fence solution to divide the site into several paddocks for rotational grazing. It can’t be trusted 100% but should be enough to keep the sheep in different areas of the site most of the time. We just need to find a way to get the long grass down so it doesn’t ground the electric line anymore. Calling the neighbor to rent his cows for a couple of weeks. Sheep postponed to 2015…

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