Holidays on the West Coast

When talking about the West Coast, it’s obvious for all kiwis that you mean the rugged Southern Island West Coast. We especially like the area north of Westport because it’s off the beaten tourist tracks and has a little friendlier weather (people say). And so we decided to spend a couple of days in Granity, an old coal mining town that definitely had seen its best days long ago. Our little cottage was located just next to the beach and we enjoyed the different sounds that low and high tides make with the pebbles on the beach. I’d describe it as a mix of ‘thunderstorm ahead!’ and ‘living next to a motorway in the city center’. Lucky as we are, we had only one rainy day in more than a week, which is quite unusual for the region, where it’s said that the babies are born with gumboots on their feet.

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