Summer Holidays 2017: On the road again!

First stop: Murchinson.

Where will the road take us this time?
Murchison Museum: The main focus is on the effects of the 1929 Murchison Earthquake. There are photographs and written accounts of the devastation at the district and the experiences of the local people of the time.
The vintage machinery building adjacent to the main museum is a modern building but styled as a barn type building of yesteryear.
There is a static display of early agricultural machinery.
Goldmining, sawmilling and agriculture are also themes at the museum.
Collection of old bottles and magazines.
And an old piano with the most metallic sound we’ve ever experienced.
A doll’s house.

Cape Foulwind

The overhanging rock experience on the way to Westport.
Have been here before, but the perfect pictoresque landscape never ceases to amaze.
Parts of the seal colony – there are tiny pups at the moment! How cute.
Our own little holidaymaking kiwi-schnitzel colony.
For the closer look!
Winding roads.
And big trees.


Palatschinkenfelsen at their best!
Two little fruits on the pancake rock.
If you stare really long there are all kinds of animals and faces in the rocks.
Punakeiki Cave, but you’d need a flashlight (and lots of courage).
Small footpath to the cave and back.
Beautiful roads.


View from an old bridge.
Short stop for the wobbling maritime foam.
Quite a living thing on its own!
Finally arriving in Greymouth, and everybody needs some action.
Yeah, everybody.
Short walk at the quai.
Guarded by the miners.
Sitting still just for the foto.


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