Summer Holidays 2017: Greymouth to Fox


Morning walk through the town center.
Big fan of murals :)
New quest: search for bread.
Didn’t find bread, but a beautiful view.
… and more murals.


Welcome to the fairytale-like Shantitown!
Here you can be an early settler for a day, drive with the steam driven train, visit the old sawmill, pan for gold …
Even the chickens are intrigued.
Reflections on how it must have felt to live here.
Old furniture, smell of old wood, sounds of old pianos.
The freemason’s house.
On the Main Street.
Happy miners family.
Needs a shave.
And wifey needs new shoes.
Then, suddenly, hunger attacks.
Just before about 50 other people stormed the diner.
Later that day, the sweets store was robbed.
But luckily, the robber was caught and receives sanctions.
Meanwhile, delicious ice cream is distributed over the counter to the poor, still hungry miner girls.
But it doesn’t take long before it has to go again.
Firestation and windwheel.
The metalworking shop.
On the train.
Fire in the engine room.
Curious noses.
Walk through the sawmill.
Sawmill stop.
Old main living room for the sawyer family.
Walk through the bush.
The old miner coming home from his shift.
While all his team washes the soil he recovered.
And eventually finds some gold! Yeah!
Goldpanning rocks.
Smile ;)


Timeout from nonstop driving: looking for greenstone.
The boulder banks look promising.
And the hunt was fun, but not sure if there really was some precious stone between the green stones we found ;)
Packing all the treasures in the carboot.
And back on the street!
Hokitika, here we come.
Black sand and yellow driftwood, so nice.
Lovely toilets, too.
The beach.
The township with the famous clocktower.



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