Summer Holidays 2017: Haast to Wanaka

On the way to Haast Pass:
This street is full with short walks: Roaring Billy, Fantail Falls, Thunder Falls, Blue Pools, Boundary Creek and many more.
Clearest alpine water.
Almost empty streets (just hundreds of bikers)
Blue Pools
100.000.000 sandflies
Haast Pass
Lake Wanaka
The wild West Coast Weather dissolves into a foen storm.
Nice flowers along the street.
Drift wood.
Lake Wanaka.
At the pass between the lakes.
Lake Hawea.
Oh! Finally summer.
Pretty hair.
There will be swimming involved tomorrow, that’s for sure.
Eatery at the Alehouse.
Romantic sunset flair in western Wanaka.
Keep that sky blue pls.
Toy and car museum.
A sweet memory.
Plush car!!!!!!!
Audi before it was Audi.
And many other cars.
Even the very broad ones.
And some old ones.
And the Jaguars.
But it’s not just an indoor show.
The person from who this all derives must have been a very keen collector.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)