Summer Holidays 2017: Haast and Jackson’s Bay

A chilly summer’s day on the beach, throwing stones in the surf and shooing sandflys away.
Crushing waves o.O)
Picturesce abandonned structure at Haast Beach.
On the way South.
Whatever this is, everybody seems to have one.
There’s also a stoat on the road. Rhymes. Yeah.

Hapuka Estuary

Wonderful podocarp forest with different height layers, also from wet to dry land.
A smart boardwalk through the swamp.
Great colours.
Especially the pinks.

Wharekai-Te Kou Walk

The Okahu Ocean Beach is not at all sandy. Boulders of all sizes are all over the place.
And in between there are little sanctuaries of water who bear life also at low tide.
The beach.
Kina in a waterhole.
Kid, looking for coloured stones.
Blue starfish.
Pink starfish.
Funny people looking for starfish.
They even dump their cameras into the waterholes, lol.
But it seems to pay off, there are many lovely starfish fotos in the end.
But don’t forget the driftwood.
When the hunger starts again, we head back.
Raurenga (Kidney Fern).
It’s quite a climber, around kahikatea, rimu, .. and probably anything else it can find to hold on to.

Jackson Bay

Jackson Bay marina.
The Craypot, delicious seafood in a fancy bus.
Whitebait on grilled toast with salad.
Turquois waters of the bay.

Pioneer Cemetery

Some of the first people living in the area have been buried here.

Lake Ellery Track

Along a river.
Mermaid hair like algae drifts in the water.
After 30 minutes, the lake is reached.
Inspections about the water temperature are ongoing.
But it seems 8 degrees were to cool.
Not even a toe has been dipped in for a swim.
But noone will know, just the leaves on the trees saw we were there.


Donations in form of Darbo Preiselbeer Kompott are greatly appreciated ;)