Summer Holidays 2017: Te Waewae Bay to Te Anau

Only half a kilometre from Orepuki is Gemstone Beach where a tresure trove of undiscovered gems awaits. Originally known by Maori as Aropaki Beach, travellers are welcome to take a pebble or two to cherish forever. Among the treasured collection are hydro grossular garnets, orbicular jaspers, rodingite quartz, nephrites, elusive sapphires and garnet sands – some of which are over a million years old.
Orepuki in sunlight, a sight to behold.
Some of these might very well be garnets, clear to opaque, greenish and lightweight, quite hard with a shine to it, even if dry.
Not far from Orepuki, McCracken’s Lookout with views of Waewae Bay.
Blue Cliffs Beach. Beautiful, but not blue. Probably some insider knowledge involved.
Gravelroad into bushwalk-land. This remote area is starting point of several tracks.
Blue Cliffs Beach – pebble heaven! The fist sized stones lay in the sun like someone has draped them there.
Fossilized shell stones on the beach.
Waiau river mouth – this is where the garnets are washed out, originally they come out of the Fjordland region, all the way down to the sea where curious tourists kneel on the beach, turning every green stone to find one gem!
On the way North from Tuatapere to Manapouri.
Te Anau is near, can see the rain already ;)
Sheepish grins in the paddock.
Lake Te Anau.
Black billed gull.
Pizze bella and quattro stagioni.


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