Europe 2018: La Tour Eiffel

Finally! The kids couldn’t wait anymore, we had to do the tour-tour first thing in the Morning. Which was a very good idea, because the amount of people crowding together in front of the ticket offices was overwhelming. Waited quite some time until we realised it was for the stairs … went up (and arrived) anyway, enjoyed the gorgeous views, waved at Dad from 310 metres and went around the summit platform in a big tourist procession. Nevertheless a thing that should be on every Paris trip!

Still a bridge between the tower and us.
Almost there.
Now we can feel it!
Le Champ de Mars.
Through the net.
And then there’s the history lesson.
Who dares to stand on the glass bottom?
Laying on the floor looking up.
And through the pillars from the first floor.
Still walking up.
Second floor! We can see the summit.
Selfie time.
Over the city.
These guys rock!
The fields of march again.
La Seine. A bit brown but still beautiful.
Having a long shadow today.
Le Arc de Triomphe.
Parc de Trocadéro.
Le Grand Palais.
La Sacré Coeur.
Le Louvre.
That’s how full it is up there.
Last time, walking around to find the best spot.
Here it is! Thank you for looking so good for us today!


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