Arc de Triomphe and Sacré-Cœur

Probably the busiest roundabout in Europe, we counted 11 lanes around the arc with lots of streets branching away and then there’s the mystery of giving way in this stressful situation. So glad we were walking… Accidentially vitnessed a parade followed by a flag ceremony and a national tribute to the firefighters of France. After that we got completely lost in the metro (underground train network) but with luck made it to Montmartre to see the famous white basilica on the hill :)

Yellow striped zebras on the streets.
The tour from Trocadéro.
A water nymphe on the edge of a fountain.
Pigeons, well fed and played with.
Marine Museum.
These clouds were really nice for fotos!
We need water to drink and more miniature eiffel towers to dress with.
This looks furious.
A really olden days carousel.
View through the houses.
Music for the people.
Fruit for the kids.
Sweets, too.
The eternal flame memorial where Princess Di died :(
Found a metro.
Église Saint-Pierre-de-Chaillot
Romanesque Revival architecture with art deco elements
A concrete surprise.
The annual fire fighter parade.
Beautiful arc. Huge.
Thanks god, another souvenir stand.
Seeing the light after a long metro ride.
There’s the party.
A Chocolatier, that’s where I want to work.
The also have macroons.
Did we really send all the postcards?
There’s a very similar carousel at the entrance of Sacré-Coeur …
Everybody seems to be here.
We fled into the basilika.
Almost didn’t get in because of shorts.
Would have been a shame, this is great architecture.
The underground, overground and mirrored in a glass wall.


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