Europe 2018: Paris on wheels

There was walking, bus riding, easy dining with views and lots of must-see-before-you-die boxes ticked.

Little boy at the candle stall.
Colourful Jesus.
He wished his blood was the last that was shed.
The Black Madonna of Częstochowa, Poland
The life and suffering of Jesus, carved in stone.
Side window.
Nave of Notre Dame.
Altar and windows.
Over the Seine.
And hopping right on a bus.
To soothe our aching feet.
The view is good and the sights come along more frequently.
One of two Fontaines de la Concorde.
Driving up Les Champs Elysées.
Hey there, without the cranes today!
Walking down the Champs Elysées.
Up again.
Walking around a bit.
Le Grand Palais.
Detail at the entrance.
Takeaway salad and wraps at Trocadero with view of the Eiffel Tower. But watching other tourists was equally entertaining.
The river from the bus.
Dôme des Invalides is flying by.
The place of Napoleon I’s tomb.
Pont Alexandre III – Ornate, late 19th-century arched bridge in a Beaux Arts style & named after a Russian czar.
This bridge is spiked with monuments.
Huge entrance to the Grand Palais on its back.
Place de la Concorde with the obelisque and the street that’s leading there.
Palais Garnier, the opera house.
Omg, car amost hits stroller, but mum hits back!
Right on top stands Napoleon, enjoying his triumphes over half of Europe.
Yes, let’s go somwhere more joyful! The cabaret house Moulin Rouge.
La Garde du Nord, the northbound trainstation which is 100 metres away from the eastbound station.
Just so.
There are a lot of triumph arcs around.
Le Louvre, home of Mona Lisa.
Looking for a way home.
Murals on our way back from “The little Village” marokkan restaurant in our quarter.
A wall zebra sniffing at a little penguin with a hat.
Paint more trees!
Ok, no clue what that is, but it’s cute hanging there like that.
When you look close enough, you will find that these murals aren’t even painted, just prints, that stick to the wall.
This one is paint. Red. Scary. But also says no.
The subway picture of the day :)


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