Europe 2018: Hangar 7, Hintersee, Mondsee

Hangar 7 museum, then lakes galore. Many past walks, romantic moments and lots of drama were remembered when we visited Hintersee – and were rounded up with a good lunch at a local restaurant and a bath in the lake. Mondsee was easier, all I remember was the children’s play area which _nobody_ wanted to see today and the lakefront. Win win :)

Hangar 7
The hangar guard.
Many interesting cars, bikes, planes and other means of adventure.
Walking the southern path.
Mixed leaved forest.
It’s basically another GrĂ¼nsee.
From high above.
Farm charm.
Nearing the eastern corner.
Argynnis paphia (Kaisermantel)
Hintersee, circle completed.
It was so cold!
Typical salzburger countryvilla.
Picturesque Hintersee.
Brunnbachstufe vorm See.
Shoes off everybody and relax at the lakefront staircase.
Oh do you remember the annual Mother’s day trips with the ship?
Silence on the water.


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