Europe 2018: Places, light and details

Another walk in the city, Salzburg just doesn’t cease to amaze us. And we also need to walk off all that additional Mozartkugelschoki!

Morning light at the upper end of Linzergasse.
St Sebastian’s Cemetary.
The extremely tiled interior of the St. Sebastian’s Chapel.
Just a romantic Gastgarten.
Maria Plain from the distance.
Distraction at the skatepark.
Going in circles.
Lost ;)
Linzergasse down to the river.
From Churfürststrasse zu Universitätsplatz, into the setting sun.
Old City Hall through the houses.
The Salzburg Museum and the Old Market in front.
Austrian streetband.
Artist waiting for tourists.
The public weather station.
Checking the bus schedule at the Tomaselli corner.
They’re still playing.
OBus wires at the Staatsbrücke.
Some fellow photojunkies and a very spontaneous street fountain.
Here you can hike up the Kapuzinerberg.
Evening light on the way back to the hotel.


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