Europe 2018: Sydney to Christchurch

After 6 weeks touring Europe and Australia our journey comes to an end soon. The flight from Sydney to Christchurch was very smooth, not many travellers, really nice (and short, just 2,5 hrs). The car was still in the carpark and driving left is still in our blood, no surprises. Also in the supermarket: No Leberkässemmel and fantastic joghurt, just crisps and belgian chololate cacao. Well, the next holidays are already in planning ;)

4 am: getting up, 4:30 leaving the appartment, 5:00 train, 6:00 check in security at the airport, 7:00 boarding, 8:00 flight, loosing another 2 hours on the way, 13:00 customs in Christchurch, 15:00 beach
Sudden clouds? There must be land underneath!
I can see it! Can I? Are we here? When will we land? Can you see it?
Somewhere over the rainbow.
Inside the cabin.
And they draw closer.
Not that we can name them but nonetheless good to see them again.
Canterbury plains.
Are really plain.
And the cabincrew is now seated for landing, too.
Christchurch, here we come! Just another u-turn and the airport will come into sight.
… and if not, we can land in this beautiful riverbed.
From the airport right to the car, directly to the beach :)
Just bliss, walking, watching, breathing.
And then falling onto the couch like potatoes. Just another sleep then we go home.



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