Cook Islands 2018: Aro’a Beach

A perfect day at the beach. Started a bit cloudy, but in the end it doesn’t matter if you’re under water. Had fun snorkelling and then walking and driving the island bus a bit.

Good Morning-Cat.
Hello Wookiee.
Hi new snorkelling adventure at Aro’a Beach.
Right when you enter the water, a thousand eyes stare at you.
Plus some sergeants.
And then there’s this black jack.
What was that fish again?
Lucky we’ve got that image chart handy.
But this one’s not on it. Or is it?
A school of large eyed bream.
Har! A Lagoon Picasso Triggerfish this is.
Abstract undersea art.
Looks almost like a brain lying around. And a trevally in the background.
Old coral.
Life is good.
Lemon Butterflyfish
Black stripey snorkelfish.
Coral life.
Looks like a rainbow wrasse.
Diving the reef.
Some blue pals on the ground.
The Picasso!
Sea cucumber.
Many Picassos. Or maybe always the same, who knows.
3 hours passed???
Lunch, quick!
Can’t wait for the fish and chips.
These two islanders followed us around all day.
Lucky for the bananas they’re not ripe yet.
Waiting for the counterclockwise bus to arrive.
Frangipani flowers.
If you’re allergic, you don’t want to encounter one of these 5-cm-paper wasps.
Coconuts at the beach.
Ah yes! Aitutaki and Rarotonga on one chart (they’re not that close in reality)


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