Cook Islands 2018: Clockwise

A day at the pool, the beach and on the bus!

Pool for breakfast.
Only the hibiscus is watching the mermaids.
Palms, another perspective.
Beach walk at the Arorangi Coast.
A coral fragment.

Our pet dog, Magic.
A treasure.
Whales are outside the reef.
Just behind the waves.
Every hour we are adopted by another dog.
Today it’s clockwise, to Avarua.
Getting something to eat.
And to drink.
And some sweets.
From an island garden.
Bananas at the sidewalk.
Cemeteries are common, many gardens have their own graveyards.
Royal hibiscus.
Sidetracked by a fruit stall.
Somwhere in Muri.
Another mysterious stall.
Around the island in one bus.
Inland mountains.
Funny vehicles.
Bus stop.
Another church.
Colourful home.
The museum.
Chooks, the island pest.
Our new dogs :D
Sleepy in the bus.
Muri night market.
Drunk on Coconutmilk.
The moon is there, too.
Good night!



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